WhatsApp API for Delivery

WhatsApp API for delivery

Use the WhatsApp Business API connection from Ublux Messaging to take orders and deliver notifications to your customers no matter where they are. You will provide the best customer experience in every interaction.

Customer Service

Provide one-on-one conversational help on your customers’ favourite messaging platform to quickly fix their issues.


Outbound alerts, such as order, payment, and delivery updates, should be sent out. After receiving opt-ins, communicate with your customers in a proactive manner.

WhatsApp Advertisements

Configure your Facebook advertisements to redirect clients to your WhatsApp number.

Customer data access

When third-party apps control the majority of the meal delivery business, restaurants have very limited access to consumer data, let alone knowledge of customer food preferences. Restaurants may have direct access to client data and gain valuable insights into their preferences by using the WhatsApp Business API. You can see a customer’s name and phone number when they send you a WhatsApp message. Furthermore, when clients reveal their location via WhatsApp, you may utilize the information to create a mental map of where your orders are coming from and how you might provide excellent service in the future to those locations.

Rich media content improves messaging

You can use the WhatsApp Business API to generate and publish notification templates that gather order details and keep consumers up to date on their orders’ status.

WhatsApp allows you to share rich material such as photos, maps, menus, receipts, and more. If a customer has a problem with their order, they can contact your customer service representative over WhatsApp for immediate assistance.

WhatsApp Business API use cases for Delivery

See some examples of can you can do with our WhatsApp API for delivery:

  • Send consumers personalized automated reminders about your newest and most popular dishes.
  • Share order confirmation and order delivered messages via WhatsApp Template texts.
  • Use the WhatsApp Business API’s rapid answers capability to respond to frequently asked client questions.
  • Provide real-time updates to customers so they can track their orders.
  • Use the WhatsApp Business API’s notifications template feature to send rich media notifications to opted-in clients.
  • Use read receipts, clicks, shares, and location to track customer involvement.
  • Include a WhatsApp click to chat button in your Facebook ads so that Facebook users may interact with your business over WhatsApp.
  • Allow customers to place orders via WhatsApp using the responsive chat widget.
  • Use WhatsApp messages to get direct feedback from customers on the quality of your service.

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