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WhatsApp Business API for Hotels

Regardless of whether your guests are couples or families looking for a relaxing getaway, or busy businessmen looking for a calm rest after a day of meetings.

Your administration, regardless of who your target audience is, is a major component in the client experience.

A great experience is one of the primary drivers of brand loyalty and what will set you apart from your competitors.

Consumers all across the world are familiar with WhatsApp thanks to the WhatsApp Business solution. Many of them even prefer to communicate with businesses via WhatsApp.

Even now, many hotels require guests to trek to reception or use the hotel room’s old-fashioned phone.

This indicates that your receptionist should be able to deal with approaching solicitations at the time they arrive.

Calling may even be an advantage for foreigners due to a linguistic barrier.

The WhatsApp Business solution solves this problem by allowing customers to receive letters through their preferred communication channel at a time that is convenient for them.

The WhatsApp Business solution improves visitor satisfaction.

The best way to build a good relationship is to offer proactive assistance.

The WhatsApp API allows you to provide answers to the most typical questions your customers have.

Auto-answers, how it works?

Your guests will be able to receive reminders about accommodations using Whatsapp.

Send them their booking confirmation along with a note that their room (‘number X’) will be ready at ‘Y’ time when they arrive.

Tell the client that he can use this same WhatsApp channel to request room services.

Personal and relevant communication that is automated

Templates for Messages

Using message templates in automated answers allows you to have a natural discussion with your visitors while also making your services available at all times. All conversations will be personal and relevant thanks to the usage of merge tags and the integration of your message channels with your customer data platform.

What are the WhatsApp Message Templates?

Message Templates are pre-approved messages that can be sent to your clients in both inbound and outbound correspondence. These messages can be used to provide reminders to customers who have opted in to receive the most up-to-date information from your business, or to assist you in providing quick responses whenever a customer contacts your help desk via WhatsApp Marketing Software.

Examples of how to use WhatsApp in hotels

The examples above are just a few of the ways you can use Whatsapp for hospitality to actively interact with your guests for a better customer experience.

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