WhatsApp Business API for Beauty Spa Salons

WhatsApp Business API for Beauty Spa Salons

Here is a guide to how the beauty-salon Industry can use WhatsApp’s automated FAQ menu.

That is only one of the features that Ublux offers with our WhatsApp Business API for Beauty Spa Salons, which can enhance the role of marketing and management of the beauty salon or spa.

The Location of the Salon store is so crucial in this industry. Most people choose the salon according to where they live or work. Therefore, crossing the border of the salon’s location is an important goal to achieve.
Hairstylists and Barbers started strong marketing campaigns to promote their enterprise as a brand. And with our automated FAQ menu, businesses will increase their customer retention rate.

How? Creating a business-to-customer relationship in which the customer feels loved and appreciated.

Also, companies can grow by attracting new leads from outside their store’s location. Introducing a beauty-salon WhatsApp automated FAQ menu will help businesses provide extra services to their clients using Ublux’s WhatsApp panel.

One of the many features of Ublux is Automated FAQ Menu, which includes frequently asked questions such as store timing, store offers, store, and social media. It can also have a live booking schedule.

Customers can talk with the number in order to check the available timing. Then, it can directly book an appointment. In addition, the number can also send you a confirmation message or a reminder. Such a service will have a great impact on the customers.

Hence, a satisfied customer will promote such services to his community.

Examples of how to use WhatsApp for Spas-Salons


Learn how to look younger for less at Dr. Benon’s FREE seminar at the {{shop_name}}, {{event_date}} at {{event_time}}!
All attending guests will stand a chance to win a facial worth {{facial_price}}!
Register here: {{registration_link}}

Appointment reminders

Hi {{recipient_name}}! Thank you for your appointment with {{shop_name}} on {{appointment_date}}.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time. We look forward to seeing you then!
Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel, 3 to reschedule.

This is a reminder for your appointment with {{shop_name}} tomorrow at {{appointment_time}}.
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. See you then!

Appointment rebooking

Hi {{recipient_name}}! It’s a pity that you missed your appointment with us today.
To book another appointment, please visit this link: {{booking_link}}

Auto replies

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we’re closed right now and will get back to you within the next 24 hours.
In the meantime, you can check out our website: {{website_link}}.

Hi there! Thank you for your message.
Unfortunately, our staff are occupied right now and will reply you within the next 4 hours. Thanks for understanding!

Store closure

Hi {{recipient_name}}!
Our spa will be closed from {{start_date}} to {{end_date}} for renovations. Thank you for your understanding and we will see you soon!


Hey {{recipient_name}}, having the Monday blues? It’s time to pamper yourself! Enjoy a FREE mini facial when you book a full manicure set (inclusive of designs), until {{end_date}}.
Book now: {{booking_link}}

Hey {{recipient_name}}! Get {{discount}}% off when you book a book facial with us online: {{booking_link}}.

Reviews / Feedback

Hi {{recipient_name}}, we hope you’re feeling refreshed!
If you’ve enjoyed your experience, we’d love it if you could fill out this form and let us know how we did {{review_url}}

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