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WhatsApp Business API For Automotive Industry

To turn conversation into sales, to provide the best customer support, successful auto-makers and auto-dealers are investing in WhatsApp for Automotive Industry.

Why Auto Dealers should invest in WhatsApp for Automotive Industry

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with over 1.5 billion users.

Customers are expecting brands to communicate with them instantly and WhatsApp is the perfect tool for that.

WhatsApp Business API enhances customer service and supports better discussions with new and loyal customers.

WhatsApp is the go-to medium for rapid, personal, modern messaging where email lacks speed and phone calls lack multimedia capability. It’s a secure and GDPR-compliant approach to engage closely with clients while also creating trust, thanks to its built-in encryption.

Integrating WhatsApp Business isn’t the same as what individuals in the car industry are used to.

WhatsApp is slowly rolling out their API through a few select suppliers, such as Ublux.

WhatsApp for Automotive Industry offers the automotive industry numerous prospects for customer service and operations innovation. Customers buy much more than a car; they want convenience and enjoyment at every level of the purchase and ownership process.

There are three main areas where WhatsApp Business can make a difference:

  • Facilitating fan engagement.
  • Improving the purchasing experience.
  • Increasing loyalty through convenience.

Creating Unique Purchasing Experiences

When it comes to buying a car, customers want to be delighted and directed, while businesses want efficiency and conversion.

With so many phases to the purchasing journey – from expressing interest and test drives to personalizing models and the wait between order and delivery – having a quick, direct channel of contact can help minimize friction and keep the customer’s passion about the experience alive.

These are things that Ublux customer are already using with our WhatsApp API:

  • Send a WhatsApp message to the customer support staff to schedule a test drive
  • Information with their car model configuration
  • Order statusess
  • Pick-up times
  • Documentation exchange.

All these message delivered and registered in their own CRM thanks to our integrations.

Increasing Customer Loyalty Through Convenience

Purchasing a vehicle is one thing; maintaining one is quite another.

WhatsApp for Automotive Industry provides numerous options for creating loyal client relationships by making customer service as simple and convenient as feasible.

Customers may receive inspection warnings, availability slots and places to book their cars in, and appointment reminders via WhatsApp, for example. Or, if something isn’t quite right, the customer might contact you to bring their automobile into the shop as soon as possible. They could then be updated on what has to be done, the cost, and the repair timetable all in one chat, fostering a personal relationship between owners and service providers.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing market demands, digital applications and IoT (Internet of Things) technology have been fast making inroads into the automotive industry.

Mobile applications are utilized to attract, keep, and maintain marketing momentum in the highly competitive automotive industry, from infotainment application of digital tools and services to vehicle after-sales services.

Chat applications are one of the most notable examples of digital technologies making inroads into the automotive industry.

Most automobiles now come with infotainment systems that can be readily connected to the user’s smartphone via Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

What makes it fascinating is the integration of popular smartphone programs such as Spotify, Google Maps, and, most notably, WhatsApp Chat with automatic responses and voice message reading capability, which has radically revolutionized the way customers communicate today.

Because chat applications are becoming increasingly popular in the automobile business, dealerships are beginning to implement the WhatsApp Business API, which was released in mid-2018.

The possibilities of using WhatsApp Business API for client engagements and retention have never been as interactive and engaging as before, from test drive bookings, contests, and gamifications to service bookings and updates.

For the automotive sector, the WhatsApp Business API has limitless possibilities.

The following are some innovative ways to use WhatsApp Business API:

  • Product introductions
  • Pre-sale assistance and requests for customization
  • Vehicle delivery, test drives, and service appointments
  • Ordering and requests for spare parts
  • Breakdown service and help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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