Whatsapp api real estate

WhatsApp API for Real Estate

If you work in real estate, you know that it takes a lot of phone calls, e-mails, site visits, and follow-ups to seal a deal. 

It can be exhausting to go through all of this regularly. 

With Ublux and our WhatsApp API solution, you will be able to improve this process. 

What is WhatsApp API for Real Estate?

WhatsApp API for Real Estate is a messaging platform that you can contect with your CRM, that helps firms manage and execute marketing and sales operations.

Real estate companies can use the platform to reach a huge number of clients using a app that they are already familiar with.

WhatsApp is the most popular social media network, and its message open rate is the highest.

Your real estate company can use Ublux to approach prospects on a more personal level, provide tailored services, and improve client experience.

Why is Ublux a Must-Have for Real-Estate Firms?

Buying or selling a home is an expensive endeavor that takes a great deal of deliberation, persuasion, and information exchange. This is a long and tiresome process that an agent must go through for each client daily.

Customers also have a lot of inquiries, and if they are even somewhat dissatisfied with the response or experience any delays, they will rapidly leave.

It’s difficult for an agent to keep track of buyer and seller information as well as accurate property information. Many times, the customer speaks a completely different language than you, making conversation impossible.

Examples of WhatsApp API for Real Estate funtionalities: 

Product Catalog With Ublux 

Real estate brokers may construct a product catalog and list all available properties on the market, complete with all pertinent information. When a consumer inquires about it, he or she can simply send them the catalog.

Quick Reaction

With Ublux’s Quick-reply tool, you may immediately send pre-curated messages to a wide number of people.

It can save you a lot of time and work by allowing you to quickly react to similar questions from a wide group of individuals.

Intelligent chatbot

You can provide your customers with superior customer service and obtain maximum retention and lifetime customer loyalty by using Ublux’s intelligent chatbot. Chatbots on WhatsApp can assist you in having one-on-one chats. It will be able to better understand them and give a superior client experience.


You can utilize the admin console to set up an auto-reply based on one or more keywords. Go to Auto-reply Settings, enter in your relevant keywords, select the match type, and write your auto-reply message text.

Tracking Account Activity

Multi-account login is possible with Ublux. To keep everyone on the same page, it becomes vital to maintain track of all activity in all accounts.

To address this issue, it provides activity logs that detail all recent activities and assist team members in avoiding repetitive chores.

Communicating with your consumers in their native tongue will help you build a solid relationship with them.

Generating Leads

Given the fierce competition in the real estate industry, lead creation can be rather time-consuming. As a client, you must treat your consumers with respect and have open lines of communication. Ublux can assist you in reaching out to a huge number of prospects and engaging with them depending on their interests and preferences. This will increase your chances of turning them into clients.

Collaboration on documents

You no longer need to travel to your client or customer to obtain the necessary paperwork. You may quickly and easily exchange all documents with your clients and consumers with Ublux. This can save you a lot of time and work while also speeding up the process for your company.

You can also post the home’s contact information and location to make it easier for your clients to find the property when they come to see it.

A Reminder to Pay

It might be a difficult effort to keep pestering clients with payment reminders over and over.

Ublux allows you to set the calendar to send automatic reminders to your clients for any payments that are past due.

You no longer need to remind them to pay in person, and you can devote your time to more vital tasks.

Create a buyer persona

When you’re dealing with a big number of clients at once, you’re going to mix up information or forget where you left off with your last conversation. Ublux can assist you in keeping track of all of your client discussions. You can also use labels to identify each client and carry on a conversation without interruption.

Another important feature of Ublux is that it allows you to construct a buyer persona for each client on your contact list, complete with all essential data. You can refer to their persona whenever you have a chat with them and steer your interactions based on their interests. This can increase your chances of conversion and help you create a solid rapport with your clients.

Customer service and after-sale assistance

Your job as an agent does not end with the closure of a transaction. Customer service and after-sales services are critical components of any company. It aids in the development of a strong brand image as well as client trust. Ublux can be used to provide successful customer support. 

The finest advantage of all is that you will be able to provide quality and immediate attention to your present and new consumers, which will boost your business.

Ublux has assisted many agents and brokers in developing innovative ways to engage with their target audiences and generate value for themselves and their businesses. Ublux’s WhatsApp marketing method can help real estate companies increase their business and client base without difficulty.

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