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WhatsApp API for Pharma

WhatsApp API for pharma, is a perfect fit for the pharmaceutical industry, allowing it to provide individualized assistance to often overworked physicians for a variety of use cases.

Keep reading to get some ideas about how WhatsApp can help you treat your patients more effectively and efficiently with timely and explanatory information.

Why is WhatsApp the best option for pharma?

To guarantee that such expectations and concerns are properly managed, pharma businesses, like other businesses like delivery or airline brands before them, are looking at messaging’s ability to deliver improved customer experience by emulating retails.

Using WhatsApp, a retail agent, for example, can create a tailored trip for their consumers, from greetings to offers based on previous purchases.

Consider the doctor who needs product information but doesn’t have time to look it up, or who wants further information on a drug that a patient has inquired about.

WhatsApp, the biggest messaging platform in 105 countries, is the ideal chat software for providing this type of communication. It’s already on many people’s phones and utilized in their daily life.

How WhatsApp can assist pharmaceutical companies in providing support to doctors at every step of their careers

That is, after all, the main pitch — but what are the concrete use cases for pharma and its reps once physicians have opted into the WhatsApp channel?

Educating patients on treatment options

Pharma is continuously inventing, as the epidemic has demonstrated. But what about the negative news? Many physicians find it difficult to keep up with the latest developments in the field.

Pharma reps can use WhatsApp to deliver timely updates on new goods and therapies, as well as quickly assist physicians in determining the best treatment options for their patients. If asked, recommended online resources and research seminars, as well as automated replies to common inquiries, can be provided to physicians at the touch of a button (see Introducing Accessibility).

Providing high-quality content

Reps can send rich media to doctors, including photographs, PDFs, audio, and more, using the WhatsApp Business API. Setting up meetings to discuss products and treatments is likewise simple, with all details, hours, and location (along with any necessary maps) given in-app.

Proactively caring

Reps who can send out alerts about replenishing stock levels based on historical ordering trends can also benefit pharmacists. This eliminates the need for pharmacists to regularly monitor their inventory, allowing them to optimize their workflows while also increasing trust in the pharmaceutical industry.

How WhatsApp helps pharmaceutical companies boost customer interactions

End consumers can benefit from the messaging platform’s ‘clienteling 2.0’ experience, which personalizes their interactions with the pharma brand:

Improving client service

Customers must comprehend every detail of their treatment. WhatsApp can assist pharma customer service to provide more complete and accessible support, from general product information to answering concerns about potential adverse effects:

Use case: How WhatsApp helps patients during their therapies

  1. Laura is ready to begin taking a new drug that her doctor has recommended.
  2. Laura signs up for the pharmaceutical company’s WhatsApp service by scanning a QR code on the medication’s box.
  3. The pharmaceutical company sends Laura a note with basic information on the drug and a request for further assistance.
  4. Laura asks for further information on probable side effects.
  5. The pharmaceutical company delivers an easy-to-read PDF with information on adverse effects.
  6. Laura is asked if she wants to get daily reminders reminding her when she has to take her prescription.
  7. Laura accepts and begins her treatment, with reminders sent twice daily via WhatsApp.

Introducing the concept of accessibility

Customers can ask pharma customer service questions regarding the brand’s products via one-on-one discussions in-app with live agents or by interacting with a chatbot that can be integrated with the messaging platform for more general information. Through a succession of lists and buttons, the latter can be used to answer simple FAQs. These allow customers to go-to answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding a product, eliminating the need for them to, for example, send an email and wait for a response, or make a phone call.

Increasing operational effectiveness

The ability to provide customer care via WhatsApp also relieves the burden on contact center operations. Customers waiting in a phone queue to speak to a live agent can be diverted to WhatsApp in seconds via IVR deflection (call-to-messaging deflection) for a faster resolution to their problem or complaint. 

Their inquiry can be passed on to a live representative if further in-depth information is required. Deflection not only improves the customer experience but also lowers call center costs for pharma and relieves strain on call center workers.

Why is it straightforward and secure to integrate WhatsApp into existing pharma systems?

While such broad functionality has obvious benefits for the pharma sector’s customer experience, such gains would be useless if WhatsApp didn’t provide the appropriate security and privacy protections for the sharing of often sensitive data.

The messaging platform has two-factor authentication and full end-to-end encryption, as well as formal corporate account verification badges to confirm — and safeguard – pharma brand identities and reputations. 

Any customer data maintained on behalf of the business will automatically comply with strict requirements, including GDPR if a WhatsApp solution is procured through a recognized official WhatsApp supplier like Ublux.

Ublux also offers full connection with existing CRM platforms to guarantee a smooth installation, with any information obtained from WhatsApp-based talks with physicians and customers pushed back into the pharma’s database. 

This ensures that salespeople and service agents are always working with the most up-to-date information, which is crucial in such a delicate and time-sensitive industry.

Finally, WhatsApp represents a chance for a sector that is already committed to innovation to break new territory in terms of customer experience. Pharma can ensure that physicians and customers alike continue to benefit from the sector’s life-changing efforts by executing the correct strategy, delivered through one of the most popular channels in the world.

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