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WhatsApp API for internal communication.

During the pandemic, companies began to search for solutions to continue with their functions, one of them was the implementation of remote work. With this, the internal communication in our company has changed, and with this has opened a debate in the departments in charge of solving these dilemmas.

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, not least in the areas of companies, where HR had to be constantly aware of their workers, worrying about their mental and physical health.

Today there are companies of considerable size that have their own medical team. This leads to the need to schedule appointments, visit control, database, among others…

WhatsApp API for internal communication.

New solution for your company.

The WhatsApp-API of ublux can help you manage these processes. Regardless of your company’s line of business, whether it’s a university or a gym… With this tool you can manage conversations, set up messages to give automatic responses and even collect first data from your employees who have to go to the medical service. You can streamline the process and even carry out a first screening, you can also assign labels in the processes such as: “attended”, “schedule appointment”, “re-schedule appointment”, “refer to a specialist”…

This tool has infinite advantages, this is not all, do not be left alone with the idea that you can only use it if your company has a medical service, think further, there are infinite use cases for all types of companies: you can use in your commercial department to assign visits to the commercials and communication in that same department, to give support and attention to your clients… At Ublux we can help you implement it in your company, since it has infinite uses.

Example for use.

WhatsApp API internal message.

Currently there are many companies in the world that are starting to use WhatsApp as their main channel for internal communication in their company, between employees and departments.Allowing you to give immediate answers in a friendly way through your chatbot.

The virtual assistant can be implemented from WhatsApp to improve communication between your employees, as in the example case we are dealing with: appointment requests, reminders, queries…

For example, When an employee contacts the virtual assistant, it will validate their data, identify which employee they are, what job they have and their location, and in this case will assign the corresponding doctor to their area or pathology.

From the HR department of your company or the workers designated for it, they will be able to have access to supervise all the communications made by WhatsApp, analyzing that every employee is attended to in the best way. If necessary, even a human agent could participate in the conversation, in case of an exceptional case.

This is one of the many use cases that you can get with the Ubuntu WhatsApp API. Of course, and as we mentioned before, this is not all, it has much more potential. Having this tool in your company  You can achieve efficient, fast and flexible communication between your employees and departments. 

If you want more information write to us and we will tell you more.

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