Whatsapp api insurances companies

WhatsApp API for insurance companies

WhatsApp API offers endless possibilities to insurance companies.

Chatbot based on WhatsApp API for insurance companies

With WhatsApp API by Ublux you can create a Chatbot that handles first communication with new clients, brokers, and staff.

The Chatbot begins by asking if you want to become a customer or if you are currently a stock broker or employee. To access essential information in the latter two circumstances, you must enter a password.

Potential clients may be presented with an initial menu of general information, each of which includes a number that the user must provide to select the information.

Users can reach out to personal contact, register for an educational webinar, discover more about contracts, view a small introduction video, learn about the company’s history, and much more.

Insurance brokers and employees may utilize the app’s information to stay up to date, and they can even set up automated notifications to ensure they get all of the company’s news.

Insurance Benefits from Chatbots

Employees, potential consumers, or brokers: contact classification with a customized menu structure

Contact information, webinars, videos, company news, and so on are all examples of topic categorization.

Automated content delivery

Conversations are forwarded to the appropriate customer service representatives.

Stockbroker communication via messaging apps

To promote better, closer B2B communication between insurance companies and stockbrokers, use messaging apps. You can assign a contact person to ensure that any queries are answered promptly and accurately, as well as provide updates on additional training and company information.

Insurance forms are now available via chatbot.

Allow a Chatbot to assist consumers in completing appropriate insurance forms. With a series of queries, the Chatbot can obtain the information needed. Customers can also use the Chatbot to update or change their personal information.

Customer interaction and feedback

Customers will know you care about their experience if you send out customer satisfaction questionnaires via WhatsApp regularly. This allows you to have a better understanding of your clients and portrays messaging apps as a more open, personal interaction method.

Contract renewal notifications, insurance plan changes, and more!

Push notifications are also supported via the WhatsApp Business API for select sorts of vital information. You may send clients notifications when their contracts are up for renewal, when new options become available, or when invoices are due, for example.

Of course, the possibilities are unlimited with a little ingenuity and your specific understanding of your consumers and their needs. If you have any questions or would want to speak with a messenger expert about how messaging apps could benefit your company, please contact us through our messaging channels!

Digitized customer service for insurance

Customer service

Handle customer claims and inquiries related to travel, health, or car insurance. Help clients find providers, doctors, and more that fit their insurance policy easily with tyntec’s solutions.


Send out payment reminders, and provide contract renewals and claims information through secure end-to-end encryption.

Getting the right claim information without the hassle

Receive pictures, videos, audio clips, and more to properly document the scene of a claim.


Connect your Facebook and Instagram ads to WhatsApp to answer customer questions, offer quotes, and more.

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