Whastapp API for Driving Schools

When we talk about driving schools we find ourselves in a global market, very divided, and with considerable costs for the client that can be around $40 – $60 USD, sometimes reaching up to $100 USD. In order to drive, we should all go through a driving school. It is a very attractive professional sector, if you have your own business, the WhatsApp-API for driving schools can help you improve processes significantly.

Today  we have observed that the operating model of driving schools is quite obsolete, and few have opted for the digitization of their processes. If we take a closer look at the driving school websites, they are quite outdated, and they have also not evaluated other channels to communicate with customers.

Currently there are different digital options that have been appearing for driving schools to start digitizing their processes, such as online study, for example. There is a rule that we can apply to different professional sectors, if companies do not adapt to current media and remain anchored to conventional models , they run the risk that the competition that adapts to digitization stands out more.

Attend your driving school with WhatsApp.

Currently around 80% of driving schools do not use WhatsApp for their business, that is, they do not communicate with their clients through the most used communication channel in the world.

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is a little digitized sector and these figures prove it. Taking the step to manage driving schools in a more professional way is something that the owners of them have not dared to take yet. The potential of WhatsApp for your driving school will enhance communication with your customers through other channels. Thus improving and optimizing processes through a simple and common tool for all.

Your best ally.

When we talk about training, and your driving school is part of this world, we generally talk about young people, more than used to using the  WhatsApp to communicate. Using WhatsApp is more than essential for companies that provide training regardless of its type. With the WhatsApp API from ublux you can automate processes, conversations, through a bot with which we will previously create templates that must be approved by WhatsApp for use. We can help you.

Currently, WhatsApp is the most used means of communication by people; it is direct, close, and fast. The young person who wants to get his driver’s license will prefer to communicate with you through WhatsApp before calling you or contacting you by e-mail. You will be able to make class reservations, make payments, and ask frequently asked questions; these are some of the use cases where you can implement WhatsApp in your business.

Use cases.

Reservations and payments.

Provide your clients with the facility to book practical classes, exams… and make payments from the same app, in an agile, fast, flexible and simple way.

Resource management.

Provide your clients with access to exam dates, calendars, practical class schedules, activities or meetings. Thanks to this you will be able to anticipate the usual calls that are usually made to you to answer the same questions with the automation of WhatsApp and its bot.

Frequent questions.

Through the chatbot you will be able to manage and offer quick answers to your clients to their frequently asked questions with all the information required in each query.


Thanks to the WhatsApp API you can receive feedback from your customers, learn about their needs and opinions. Once you study them you can decide whether to make the necessary or suggested improvements.

A bot is an essential tool that will make it easier for you to deal with your customers through instant updates and convenient remote functionality. 

If this interests you and you want to know more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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