Voip for HelpDesk solutions

Voip for HelpDesk solutions

Voip for HelpDesk solutions allows you to provide a seamless experience for both personnel and consumers.

Help desk softwares usually include everything from complete ticket management and an intuitive interface to real-time chat features and deep data integrations.

However, delivering a personal touch is one of the most vital features.

When a consumer has an issue and is fed up with chat, email, troubleshooting, or filling out online form after online form, they just want to talk to a real person.

Customer support has always included phone conversations, but as more firms adopt help desk software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, the way voice components figure into the equation is shifting.

This is where business voice-over-IP (VoIP) enters the picture.

With the integration of Ublux with HelpDesk softwares like Zendesk, Freshservices, Freshdesk, Crisp…. you will have everything you need to provide the best customer experience.

Building native phone services directly into help desks and other SaaS solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms is the natural meeting point between VoIP and customer care platforms.

What is Value-added-Service (VaaS)?

Voice communication services have been easier to integrate across platforms thanks to faster and more dependable connections, as well as improved VoIP technology.

As a result, the value proposition of inContact’s VaaS offering is built on improved speech quality. Global inbound numbers, dedicated integrated services digital network (ISDN), public switched telephone network (PSTN), VoIP, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), and session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking are among the connectivity options available to the company’s native voice services within call centers.

Ublux goal is to make it simple and economical for businesses to deliver outstanding customer experiences by providing flexible connectivity options, high voice quality, and a suite of reporting and diagnostic tools. He believes that the secret to good help desks, particularly those managed in outsourced customer service centers, is the ability to run a business and handle client inquiries without the challenges of maintaining your own voice network or supporting equipment.

Call center integration with Helpdesk solution

This integration will assist you in providing the best possible client service. This connection frees up time for your personnel to focus on your clients by reducing time spent on superfluous chores. Your team may take use of all the advantages of call center software and helpdesk without sacrificing quality.

Organize your communications in one place.

You’ll be able to see the entire call history after connecting it to Ublux (including tags, notes, sentiment ratings, etc.). All of your communication will be centralized in one location thanks to this simple connection.

Each inbound and outbound call is immediately logged as a ticket in your Helpdesk solution. You can also view the call recording if necessary.

Additionally, voicemails, abandoned calls, and missed calls will be recorded as a ticket. When the agent becomes available, he can contact the customer.

Save time with click to call

With Ublux Voip for HelpDesk solutions you can boost productivity and streamline operations in your support team or contact center. The Click to Call feature eliminates the need for agents to manually enter phone numbers. Customers can be contacted directly from the Helpdesk interface. When a caller attempts to contact your contact center, you can automatically retrieve past tickets with a simple click, providing you with extensive information on the caller.

Keep an eye on key indicators.

You may simply find the major pain points in your customer support by tracking critical data like average wait time, maximum wait time, average abandoned call rate, and call queue statistics. You can also identify the agents who produce the best results.

Surprise your consumer with a timely and unique answer.

When an operator has to find specific client information, Ublux eliminates the need to switch between different tools or databases. Even before picking up the phone, your agent can simply examine the caller’s profile on Ublux phone with a simple click.

Data synchronization in real-time

Your team needs quick access to client interaction and ticket history to provide outstanding customer service. You may see all of the client’s data in both systems thanks to two-way synchronization.

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