sales dialer

Sales dialers

What is a sales dialer, exactly?

For those who don’t know, a sales dialer reduces the manual process of dialing phone numbers by automating it. It enables users to go through lists of contacts and dial numbers one by one without their fingers falling off.

More advanced sales dialer, on the other hand, now have the ability to take notes on your conversations and interact with other software, line CRMs. This is a fantastic opportunity for a data-driven sales strategy that requires very little work.

From B2B prospecting to cold calling to closing, we’ve got you covered. It’s never been easier to get a complete sales toolset.

What are the benefits of using a sales dialer?

This is where it all boils down. How will a sales dialer help your day-to-day operations?

A decent piece of outbound sales software should function similarly to a backpack in that it helps carry the load so you may concentrate on other things. A sales dialler is no exception; here’s how it can assist you.


The most obvious way a sales dialler saves time is by eliminating the need to manually enter phone numbers, but you already knew that. Through its integrations and note-taking features, a sales dialler also saves time.

It’s no longer necessary for salespeople to bounce from page to page now that they may take notes on their conversations and complement their dialler with lead information from a prospecting platform.

Make a call, take notes, go on to the next call, then return to your notes as needed. This is made simple with the use of a dialer.

Given that 42% of sales people believe they don’t have enough information before making a call, the value of having all of the information in one location can’t be overstated.

It’s been a lot easier to stay organized and get things done. This frees up salespeople to concentrate on what they do best. Selling.

Leave the time management to your software and the spreadsheets to the past!

Outbound cadences with several channels

The ability to create multi-channel outbound cadences is a big benefit of having a sales dialler.

When it comes to prospecting, the chances of interacting with someone via outbound email or cold calling are little to none. In reality, 70% of first-time prospects are unable to purchase when they come into contact with your organization.

Furthermore, limiting the number of channels you employ reduces your chances of connecting with a prospect through their preferred channel. Some prospects will spend hours on LinkedIn each day, while others will spend hours reading their email. A multi-channel strategy eliminates the possibility of your message falling between the cracks.

Along with prospecting and outbound capabilities, Ublux offers an integrated dialler. This means you can locate new leads and manage effective multi-channel engagement efforts all from one platform.

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