Cloud-Based Phone System

Cloud based phone

Traditional on-premise PBX phone systems have drawbacks.
Companies utilize private branch exchange (PBX) telephone networks to route calls to departments or phone extensions.

Traditionally, the system has been kept on the grounds of the company.

The system machinery are large and bulky, requiring their own storage space as well as regular repairs and maintenance. Only major organizations have the capacity to establish and handle this type of office phone arrangement in the past. With the advent of cloud computing, this altered.

What is the difference between a cloud phone system and a traditional phone system?

A cloud-based phone system is a business communications solution that is hosted and maintained in the provider’s data centers, rather than in your office, and supplied over the internet. It includes a hosted PBX, which has all of the routing and call management functions of a typical PBX but uses voice over IP (VoIP) to make calls over the internet.

Long-distance calling, for example, is a feature that typical office phone systems don’t or can’t provide at a reasonable price. Smaller organizations can subscribe to this cloud solution rather than investing considerably in a costly on-premise system because it is frequently offered as a service.

On-premise office phone systems vs. cloud-based phone systems

The cloud phone system revolutionized how businesses manage calls and conduct business.
Companies can benefit from a variety of benefits and advantages that a traditional on-premise PBX configuration cannot provide because the system is hosted remotely.

For companies with different locations and dispersed workforces, a flexible and mobile cloud communications platform

By centralizing all of your communication channels in one cloud platform, supplied over the internet, a cloud phone system supports all of your locations and your whole workforce. With this, all employees from all locations—including home offices and mobile workers—can benefit from a single unified business phone system with the same strong capabilities.

Ublux also allows you to converse in a variety of ways, including:

Choose from toll-free, local, and even international phone numbers for your business. Virtual phone extensions, which can be accessed from anywhere and on any device, not just the assigned desk phone, can also be added.
Host and attend video conferences online with screen sharing.
Message, WhatsApp, and many other features in one place.

A virtual phone system with scalability

Get a phone system that can scale with your company.

You may simply acquire, activate, and assign company phone numbers and virtual extensions to additional users or departments using an online administrative interface.

There’s no need to wait for the provider to install new cables and other hardware before making changes.

It only takes a few clicks on your computer or a few touches on your mobile device to complete the task.

For all types and sizes of enterprises

Any industry can benefit from a cloud telephony service.

Businesses all around the world are migrating to the cloud because of its ability to adapt to the unique communication needs of each industry.

It also gives customizable solutions for businesses who need to conduct their organization in unique ways, thanks to its ability to service and connect various locations with a single solution.

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